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Shining stars

The best don’t just survive, they thrive.

And that’s the calling card of Insurance Business America’s Fast Brokerages 2024, a collection of outstanding firms posting eye-catching numbers in the midst of tough times.

The Fast Brokerages are recognized for their ability to adapt, create new models, and refine their existing process to grow and be the fastest-growing brokerages across the United States.

Nominees shared their growth figures across 2022 and 2023, with 15 companies awarded the esteemed title of Fast Brokerages.

Risk Strategies 

Revenue growth: 30 percent

Years in operation: 27

The past year saw the firm complete a record number of acquisitions (32), with growth split between organic and inorganic.

“The two to me go hand in hand, they don’t live in an isolated world,” says managing director John Scroope.

Risk Strategies greenlights acquisitions for new products or dimensions that their existing firms can tap into.

“Organic growth is driven both by those firms and associates doing what’s worked well for them over the years,” adds Scroope. “But the magic happens when those same long tenured and new producers both look to their right and their left and go, ‘wow, we’ve just added something I never had before’.”

Scroope shares the types of questions Risk Strategies poses before an acquisition:

  • Are they experts in what they do? 

  • Have they found a way to bring new solutions or innovative products?

  • Do they have highly ethical leaders who think about their associates and clients the way Risk Strategies does?

  • Can we add a degree of operational efficiency or client experience to make a more profitable business?

Risk Strategies does not acquire on the basis of pre-set numbers annually.  

“Part of our secret sauce has been staying true to our strategic outlook on acquisitions,” says Scroope.

The other defining factor is how Risk Strategies build partnerships with the new firms.

Scroope describes them as “integrators” and highlights their first retail acquisition in Canada.

John Scroope
“If we can continue organic growth, supported by inorganic growth, which is supported by a true intentional integration process, and in doing that, not only retain but help grow that next generation of insurance professionals – that’s the Holy Grail”
John ScroopeRisk Strategies


“I went to Toronto to tell them ‘we’re so happy you’re here’ and I meant it. I explained how they are our platform for a new frontier and the beginning of something that could be even greater. It was about figuring out a roadmap so they can take advantage of what we bring to the party and how we take advantage of what they bring.”

Over its history, Risk Strategies has acquired over 100 firms and is focused on making the process better.

Scroope says, “We know we can do better in terms of what being integrated feels like. We’ve been busy over the last six months, specifically to take what we’ve learned over the years and build a very thoughtful, linear, and repeatable process for what integration should look like.”

Nevertheless, Scroope estimates only 80 percent of the work will fall inside a codified process requiring 20 percent customization.

“If we don’t, we’re trying to take a square peg and jam it into a round hole.”

The finer detail of how growth is powered and compounded across Risk Strategies is by its people.

For Scroope and his fellow leaders, there is a desire to see individuals flourish as a result of their firms being acquired.

“Probably the proudest moments of a year are looking back at an acquired firm, and two or three employees have emerged into larger leadership positions. It’s not a charitable endeavor, we need people who think differently than we do. We are excited when we find those gems that say, ‘Hey, I’m so glad I’m part of this. I’d love to emerge and take on more’. We fully support them to do that,” he says.

After an acquisition is complete, Scroope invests in ensuring a bond is built.

“I ask ‘What’s non-negotiable?’ What would they warn me not to come in and change as it’s too defining of who that firm is. Or conversely, what would they love to see change,” he explains. “It can be the number of working-from-home days or the food truck. It could be simple in my mind but what’s inconsequential to me is table stakes for someone else. We’re not just there to preserve and be stewards of what was, it’s the possibility of what could be.”

This encapsulates the framework behind the impressive growth of Risk Strategies. The company only commits when it’s right, and then with precision and awareness.

Scroope adds, “We don’t bid on 10 out of 10 deals that come across our desk. Many hit the cutting-room floor because they don’t pass our scrutiny, whether it be economics, cultural, or specialization.”

RT Specialty

Revenue growth: 15 percent

Years in operation: 14

The firm, which has almost 1,000 brokers and is headquartered in Chicago, has three pillars that have driven growth:

  • strengthening infrastructure and the breadth and depth of broking/underwriting teams

  • being highly specialized in practice group verticals they broker and underwrite most frequently

  • having a high level of execution

Chairman and CEO Tim Turner highlights three acquisitions in the past 18 months, which significantly impacted growth.

Centurion Liability Insurance Services: “That was a very key acquisition in that it was one of our customers, IOA Insurance Services, a captive wholesaler. We were able to buy that and immediately strengthen our trading relationship with IOA.”

Griffin Underwriting Services: “It was a key acquisition for us in the Northwest. We needed a larger footprint and a stronger binding authority capability in that region. Griffin was the leading binding authority in Seattle, and in the states of Washington and Oregon, with far-reaching capabilities into Alaska, and just an outstanding team of professionals.”

Socius Insurance Services: “They are well-known outstanding performers in professional liability and really talented casualty brokers as well. They were in geographical areas that complemented our platform and footprint being based in San Francisco. We have several offices in California and a very strong San Francisco office property and casualty brokerage-wise. In Tampa and Miami in particular, we picked up some very high-caliber D&O and E&O brokers. And then lastly, in Illinois, we picked up some very strong casualty brokers. It’s been a great fit for us.”

Along with bringing high-performing companies into its circle, RT drives growth through an attitude of “always training, always recruiting.”

Tim Turner
“We’re evaluating our talent constantly and putting them in situations where they can learn quickly. The volume of business that comes into our channel is a luxury and it accelerates the learning curve”
Tim TurnerRT Specialty 


The pinnacle of this is Ryan University.

“We’re able to accelerate the learning curve of our new trainees and really put them in a position to be creative a lot faster than our competitors. We have the ability to manufacture talent,” explains Turner. “It’s very much predicated on their level, whether it be a broker assistant, a technical assistant, broking, or underwriting.”

The success of their training is evident, with RT Specialty winning 19 different individual and company awards since June 2022.

RT Specialty also ensures it has the best talent in its ranks to drive growth and enter Ryan University.

Turner says, “We have a very aggressive and vigorous recruiting program for summer internships. We’re bringing in hundreds of young juniors from some of the top risk management programs and universities around the country. We give them an internship and we get to pick the very best from that group. It’s a very dedicated system generating hundreds and hundreds of talented young brokers and underwriters.”

All of the infrastructure and talent developments come together, allowing RT Specialty to capitalize on niche firming phenomena, which the company constantly monitors the market for.

“They are classes of business that deteriorate in the standard market and cause the admitted standard market to non-renew very large portfolios of business, like transportation, livery, shared economy and that business pours into the E&S market,” Turner comments. “Being able to respond to that quickly with a deep bench performing at a very high level for the clients takes a high degree of specialization, along with depth and breadth to handle the volume.”

RT Specialty’s structure enables it to respond and stand out in a competitive landscape.

Turner adds, “We need to execute and accelerate into those opportunities and a big part of our success is being able to do that much faster than our competitors.”

Fastest-growing Insurance Companies in the USA | Fast Brokerages

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Insurance Business America invited submissions for its Fast Brokerages awards in January 2024 as the publication sought to recognize brokerages across the country that excel during unpredictable times.
The research team asked brokerages to list their total revenue for the 2022 and 2023 calendar years, in addition to other growth milestones they wanted to highlight. They then evaluated the nominations received to determine which brokerages experienced standout growth. 

The 2024 Fast Brokerages awards are given to brokerages that achieved more than 15 percent growth in revenue volume.  

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