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Worker's Compensation Insurance


General Information

Workers' compensation coverage provides benefits when an employee suffers a job-related illness or injury. Amtrust Financial is a leader in workers' comp for small to mid-sized businesses, underwriting over 350 class codes, and we have an A- (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best. We recognize the importance not only in delivering superior services, but also in being flexible in today's business environment.

A Leader in Small Business Workers' Compensation Insurance Amtrust Financial is the workers' compensation solution for small to mid-sized businesses everywhere. We offer niche products for specific industries such as nonprofit organizations and financial institutions, and we provide customized coverage to protect businesses from a variety of risks. Our specialized coverage is supported by tools and resources to help prevent and minimize the impact of employee injuries.


What Brokers Say?

"[AmTrust Financial] gives us the tools that we need in order to protect not only our family business clients but all of our clients." – Ken Gazitua, JAG Insurance Group
"KCAL has been very fortunate working with the AmTrust team to make sure that we get the best information, the fastest quotes to our clients. We're also really lucky that AmTrust provides us with Chinese language marketing materials so that we can explain to our insureds in the language they're most comfortable with." – Angela Chang, chief strategy officer at KCAL Insurance Agency
"[AmTrust Financial's] claims handling is superb. They have in-house claims adjusters. They follow up." – Fernando Alvarez, JAG Insurance Group
"We love working with AmTrust because of our sales rep. They help us write business! They respond quickly and provide us the best quotes possible!" – Mark Majewski, Great Lakes Insurance Services

Product FAQ

  • Amtrust Financial is a leader in loss control services, equipping our insureds with the resources, training and confidence they need to create and maintain a safe workplace. Our loss control specialists can provide in-depth risk assessments, on-demand safety education, expert training and ongoing support to help reduce on-the-job accidents.
  • Amtrust Financial has an extensive coverage appetite, underwriting more than 350 classes of eligible businesses. Our coverage includes artisan contractors, beauty salons and barber shops, building operations, retail, doctors and dentists, private schools, professional offices, restaurants and more.
  • Amtrust Financial offers an array of payment options for workers' compensation policies that include autopay, check or electronic check, credit card, Pay-As-You-Owe (PAYO®) and monthly self-reporting. Payments can also be made through our iOS AOMobile app.