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Contractors Pollution Policy (CPP)

The Aspen Contractors Pollution Policy provides broad environmental insurance coverage that addresses contractors’ environmental risks and exposures, including coverage gaps left by standard general liability policies..  We can offer both practice or  project specific (including owner-controlled and contractor-controlled) programs.

This policy can be offered on a global basis.

Maximum coverage

  • Pollution Incident Limit of Liability

  • Aggregate Limit of Liability



Minimum coverage

  • Minimum Premium

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Product FAQ

  • General liability policies are imperative to any business operation, but it is not the end all, be all that fills all the liability gaps an insured my face. If not outright excluded, most GL policies have limited environmental coverage that may not provide comprehensive pollution coverage and could leave the customer facing substantial clean-up costs and other liability exposures resulting from their operations. Environmental Impairment Liability policies are created to help close the gap created by the pollution exclusions within a GL policy and ultimately add another layer of protection to help protect the insured’s balance sheet.
  • In some instances, environmental exposure is not as evident as what most people think a pollution exposure might look like (queue the large industrial/chemical manufacturing company with green goo seeping from several 55-gallon drums.) Pollution incidents can arise from a variety of sources, some of which we may face each day. For instance, with the right set of circumstances, mold growth may form in some of the most benign locations, causing the need for proper abatement. Every day chemicals such as cleaning products or general maintenance supplies, if improperly used or stored, may cause bodily injury to third parties. Or unknown historical issues at your property may be discovered resulting in hundreds of thousands in unexpected cleanup costs. The list goes on. Truth be told, almost any business has environmental exposure, even if you are not handling the most toxic and dangerous of chemicals in your operation.
  • Aspen Environmental is an established environmental market, not only with seasoned and experienced underwriters ready to help find mutually beneficial solutions for our insureds, but also with a robust and customer-focused dedicated claims team. The pace of business requires that our underwriting and claims departments make quick and transparent decisions that better serves our customers. That is why all of our branches have significant authority to respond to requests, without the need for home office referral, in most instances. Aspen’s appetite and approach to the business is consistent, and we avoid making rash decisions that adversely impact our trading partners relationships with their clients. With global capabilities, but with a local focus, Aspen is ready to serve our trading partners and establish long-term relationships with our insured.
  • With a focus on innovation, best-in-class service, transparency and responsiveness, Aspen Environmental is strategically positioned to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with their trading partners and their clients. With global capabilities, they have underwriters in seven cities around the world and have the local expertise to understand the regional nuances for a plethora of risk. Aspen has over 25 underwriters with various experiences in law, engineering, consulting, and risk management, all of which broaden their knowledge base and allows them to underwrite risk from multiple vantage points. Their underwriters work hand and hand with a dedicated environmental claim team that puts the insured’s first for the duration of the claims process.
  • When customers are seeking an environmental carrier, it is imperative that they understand the nuances of the coverage. Similar products are offered through various carriers in the marketplace, but not all are created equally. Partnering with a knowledgeable broker that understands these nuances is key in obtaining the best insurance solutions for the unique exposures that may be associated with a customer’s operation. We at Aspen know that placing a program is just the start. Beyond the form, a customer needs a carrier that supports their ever-changing business by providing excellent customer service, expertise and claims response. With a broad product offering and comprehensive coverage options, Aspen can assist in tailoring the right coverage for our insureds and assist in mitigating the financial impacts of an environmental claim when disaster may strike.




The summary contained herein is for informational purposes only. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions and is subject to actual policy wording as issued. All products are underwritten by insurance company affiliates of Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited. Ed. 02-2021

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