Greg Williams

Greg Williams, Co-Founder, CEO and President

Greg Williams

Co-Founder, CEO and President

 100 Ottawa Avenue SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
 [email protected]

Greg Williams is the co-founder, CEO and president of Acrisure, which he started in 2005. Under his leadership, Acrisure is the fastest growing broker in the history of the industry and also the most profitable top 10 broker. Acrisure today is diversifying into a fintech services platform with complementary capabilities in asset management, real estate, cyber services and more. 

Acrisure’s historic success starts with a relentless focus on healthy partnerships and value creation. In doing so, Acrisure created a business model that minimizes disruption, aligns interests and prioritizes growth. 

“Historically, insurance M&A has been a very disruptive process, with the negative impact on the acquired company often ignored,” Williams says. “The ensuing chaos can deeply damage the employer and employee relationship and, just as important, can disenfranchise clients – an unwanted outcome for all constituents. We saw a huge opportunity to offer a better alternative and have been very successful as a result.” 

Acrisure was formed to provide intermediaries with access to differentiated resources and an attractive business model. The emphasis was on alignment of interests and maintaining an entrepreneurial dynamic by keeping client decisions at the local level. With these strategies, Acrisure has grown revenues from $38 million to over $3 billion in just over eight years (a compound annual growth rate of 67%) and increased EBITDA from $10 million to $1.2 billion in the same timeframe (a 72% CAGR). 

Acrisure’s stellar value proposition stems from its vast network of partners and clients, differentiated data analytics, geographic diversity, and impressive artificial intelligence capabilities. “The best of humans and AI is a powerful combination and appeals to entrepreneurs globally,” Williams says. 

“Our partners are bold, resilient and understand the power of the customer,” he continues. “Unlike many companies, Acrisure recognizes the power of human relationships and the many ways technology can make us more efficient and effective. The opportunity to expand our audience and accelerate the pace in which we win new business is real. But it takes both technology and humans to make this happen. Our results demonstrate the winning strategy is through this combination.” 

Williams has extended Acrisure’s success and capabilities into distinct social impact. The company proudly supports the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Acrisure’s home of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and formed Evolution Advisors alongside Russell Wilson, Russell Westbrook and Ciara to tackle DEI issues in financial services. 

Prior to co-founding Acrisure, Williams was an investor and board advisor to a variety of companies and was a vice president at Michigan National Corporation (MNC), a $19 billion bank holding company. As a senior executive at MNC, Williams managed the commercial sales and services group, was a member of the corporate marketing committee and chaired the corporate operations committee. 

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