Ben Francavilla
Amwins Program Underwriters

Ben Francavilla, President

Ben Francavilla

Amwins Program Underwriters

 214 Senate Aavenue, Suite 201, Camp Hill, PA 17011
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“Specialization is the key to our success,” says Ben Francavilla, president of Amwins Program Underwriters (APU). “We are focused on being the best in class in all the industries we serve. We are also laser-focused on providing positive returns to our carrier partners, and that has enabled us to have program longevity with our carriers.” 

With 25 years of expertise in developing and managing insurance programs, Francavilla is currently responsible for the oversight of more than 35 insurance programs that cover a variety of niche industries. APU has 10 locations across the US with over 150 dedicated professionals and more than $390 million in annual placements. The company’s growth is a direct result of Francavilla’s ability to read the market, understand what’s needed and develop new programs to meet those needs. 

“At Amwins Program Underwriters, we’re proud of the fact that we were the vanguard of the program business movement, having launched programs as far back as the 1990s,” says Francavilla, who joined APU as senior managing director in 1999. “We’ve been able to hone our craft, and by doing so, I think we have been able to teach a whole new generation how to make programs the fast-growing segment of the insurance industry it has become.”