Nealy Farshadi
Brown & Riding

Nealy Farshadi, Brown & Riding

Nealy Farshadi

Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Relations
Brown & Riding

 777 South Figueroa Street, Suite 2550
  [email protected]
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Nealy Farshadi is Senior Vice President and heads Strategic Client Relations at Brown & Riding. She is results-driven and approaches every project methodically and with critical attention. She is proactive and innovative and finds meaningful solutions to any problem. She is adept at assessing all angles of a situation to determine the best course of action.

Nealy joined Brown & Riding in 2013 in an entry-level casualty position. However, her talents of organization, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and her innate ability to work well with others were quickly noticed. In less than a year she transitioned to Administration and Operations as Casualty Practice Group Coordinator, handling functions including general organization, recruiting, and people development. She further transitioned to additional duties related to operations, human resources, event planning, technology platforms and other essential projects, and began working closely with B&R C-suite executives as well as the Board of Directors.  In 2016, Nealy was promoted to Assistant Vice President. In 2020, she was promoted to oversee Strategic Client Relations and became Vice President, and in 2021 she became Senior Vice President.

Nealy is instrumental in helping support and further the growth of Brown & Riding and its employees. She continues to contribute to professional development within the organization by assisting with onboarding procedures and supporting staff. She also helps strengthen and grow the company’s client relationships and maintains and improves quality procedures, including B&R’s ISO certification, a prestigious certification which is recognized internationally, and manages Brown & Riding’s client feedback program. Her contributions are critical, enabling the executive management team to act on client input more effectively. As a result, B&R’s client feedback scores greatly exceed average and continue to improve each year.

Nealy is dedicated to her professional education and has always been proactive to develop a well-rounded industry knowledge. She has earned and maintains her insurance license and regularly attends CIAB events, including being a team member at the CIAB Broker Smackdown competition as well as participating in CIAB’s Elite Team Champion program. She is also a regular attendee at industry events and conferences, including WSIA.

Nealy is a standout when it comes to work ethic, productivity, and her ability to solve problems. She is adept at tackling a wide range of business aspects and easily able to work with diverse people and personality types. She is extremely organized, detail-oriented, dependable, trustworthy, and efficient. She consistently exceeds expectations and is the definition of excellence.