Sonji K. Grandy
Alliant Insurance Services

Sonji K. Grandy, Assistant Vice President

Sonji K. Grandy

Assistant Vice President
Alliant Insurance Services

 32 Old Slip, Floor 29,  New York, NY 10005
 (551) 260-8225
 [email protected]
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Sonji K. Grandy adds value in every facet of her career and personal life with excellent client service, advocacy to help colleagues of color feel heard and represented, and a heart to serve those in need. As Assistant Vice President and Account Executive within the Alliant Private Client division, Sonji serves high-net-worth clients and designs creative insurance programs that protect both their valuable assets and legacy. She has 31 years of experience crafting insurance solutions for successful individuals to help protect themselves, their families, and their valuable assets including homes, yachts, fine art, jewelry, aircrafts, automobiles, and more. Since joining Alliant in 2017, she has increased revenues for her book of business by an astounding 30%.

An example of the exceptional work she does for her clients includes when she traveled to her client’s compound in Virginia from New York to conduct a tour of the property. She wanted to better understand each operation and ensure there were no gaps in coverage. Additionally, she pursued and now manages the client’s extensive fine art collection, reducing the premium by $40,000. Her attention to detail and customer service is one of the reasons she has maintained a loyal customer base.

Sonji exudes professionalism and has a keen sense of emotional intelligence. These strengths overflow and benefit the rest of her team significantly. For example, Sonji coached, trained, and mentored her supporting Account Manager, and her guidance allowed her to flourish in her own career. Because Sonji’s mentorship was a success, she was asked to mentor other Account Managers within the division.

Sonji is a key contributor to the broader company’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative and is the co-founder and co-chair of the [email protected] Employee Resource Group (ERG). The ERG creates a place within Alliant for colleagues to form relationships, access resources, and participate in a supportive community, which are all imperative for the overall well-being of employees. Sonji empowers, engages, and educates people of color and their allies by creating an environment where transparent discussions can take place.

Sonji’s positive contributions are also felt outside of her professional work. She is a Vice President of Generation X Community Association and has helped provide care packages to more than 2,000 families in need. She is active in her church, serving with Micah 7 Ministries. One major highlight in her service is the work she does with formerly incarcerated women to help improve their quality of life. Sonji is also a member of the National African American Insurance Association’s New York chapter.