Keti Mehta

Keti Mehta, Senior Vice President, NYC Commercial Middle Market

Keti Mehta

Senior Vice President, NYC Commercial Middle Market

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For Keti, navigating today’s market means decoding dynamics and learning to thrive on change. “Success comes when you connect authentically with clients; and see beneath surface level challenges. Diagnosing and treating real time issues calls for real time solutions.”

Recognized for being a skilled growth accelerator and an evangelist of the customer experience, Keti brings over 25 years of leadership experience. “Building trust with clients means sharing the road map and co-charting the flight path with clear vision, endless passion and selfless leadership.”

As SVP of the Middle Market business in Gallagher’s New York office, Keti manages the firm’s growth initiatives. Her team says, “Keti sees and develops the growth potential within us. She hires talent on drive, energy and capability, not just on prior success.”

“Diversity of thought, experience, style and choice means appreciating and leveraging differences,” Keti also serves as an Advisor to the DEI Committee of RIMS and has been a Board Member of the Tri-State Diversity Council for seven years.

“To be successful, commit fully to your development plan. Take learning risks often and get out of your comfort zone. Stretch, flex, develop and pivot. Then make room for your growth mindset and infinite opportunity to move in!”