Top Insurance Franchise Groups


To kick off the process, franchise home offices were asked to put forward a nomination, describing how their franchise model stands out against competitors. IBA then reached out to agency owners, asking them to rate their overall satisfaction with the franchises they deal with. Franchise groups that rated 80% and over were named 5-Star Award winners for their excellent service and performance.


These results are valuable not only to the winning franchise groups, but also to the industry as a whole. The 5-Star Awards provide added exposure to companies that go above and beyond to give their clients top-of-the-line service. Companies use these awards to gain a clearer understanding of how the market views their products and insight into which products are successful in the eyes of the industry. These 5-Star Awards give agents who are seeking to start or grow their business using a franchise partner an upper hand when deciding which franchise to work with.


5-Star Insurance Franchise Groups

  • America One
  • Brightway Insurance
  • Estrella Insurance
  • Goosehead Insurance
  • Insurance Lounge
  • John Galt Insurance
  • State Farm
  • Univista Insurance
  • Veronica's Insurance
  • We Insure Group

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