How e-learning can help ‘build people’

How e-learning can help ‘build people’ | Insurance Business America

How e-learning can help ‘build people’

No company would ever survive without its manpower. But more than developing the skills of its employees, what makes a company thrive is their ability to build better people and steer them toward personal growth.

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, focusing on employees’ personal evolution “leads to an organizational culture designed for adaptive change. In this sense, culture is strategy.”

While there are many ways to develop people, eLearning is one of the most powerful methods to people-build and feed their drive to continue learning and growing. Some e-learning strategies include the following:

  • Facilitate learning networks. Learning networks is a good way to encourage collaboration among employees. They serve as spaces for the exchange of informal knowledge, plus they spread learning around. Companies can create them if needed, but most learning communities emerge organically because of strong engagement.
  • Encourage critical thinking. Allow employees to figure things on their own rather than telling them what to do and how to do something all the time. To do this, managers should invest in eLearning that goes beyond the process and allow employees to become independent decision makers, even when they make mistakes.
  • Curate content. Provide employees with relevant and quality content that they can use for personal growth and allow them to contribute their own. This will spark discussion and lead to collaboration, teaching, learning, and ultimately, personal development.