75-year-old insurance salesman attacked, robbed

Salesman was caught off guard after a stopover

75-year-old insurance salesman attacked, robbed

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By Lyle Adriano

A 75-year-old insurance salesman was attacked and robbed at a park bathroom in Miami, with the perpetrators still at large.

The salesman, Bert (last name undisclosed), was on his way to meet with a client in Deerfield Beach on Tuesday when he decided to stop by McKeithen Park to use the restroom. As Bert left the bathroom, he saw a guy suspiciously standing by the door.

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“He was like looking out to see, as a look out,” Bert told CBS Miami. “I knew I was in trouble. I was grabbed around the neck, thrown down to the ground, like a toy, just against the wall.”

From what he could recall, Bert described that man who grabbed him as somewhere around 25 years of age. Two other men were involved in the crime, as well, but Bert was unable to provide a good description of any of them.

“He grabbed me so tight,” he continued. “He was like football player. He was so strong. If you had 200lbs of pressure pulling your throat and stopping you to breathe, you’re gonna have a problem for a while.”

The insurance salesman feared his life could be over soon.

“I was praying to God, because I’m a religious man and I said, ‘God, is this the way I’m gonna go? On a bathroom floor? After being a nice person all these years and so forth?’”

Bert, however, only passed out.

“He must have put me out because when I woke up, he wasn’t there,” he said. “Nobody was there.”

According to Bert, his attackers stole his iPhone, money and other valuables.

A police report noted that Bert’s phone was tracked to the Boca Raton area before it was shut off.

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