Allstate and GEICO announce claims shake-up

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Allstate and GEICO announce claims shake-up

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By Lyle Adriano

Allstate and GEICO – two of America’s largest auto insurance companies – have announced they have changed the way auto repair shops deal with insurance claims through them.

Through social media and on bulletins, the insurers announced that they are working with an insurance software company, CCC Intelligent Solutions, to process their claims.

For Allstate, the insurer said that it is using CCC Intelligent Solutions’ “Open Shop” solution, which helps carriers assign repair work to collision repair shops on the CCC ONE platform. However, the insurer did not elaborate on where in the US the solution is available to use, or if it would replace previous options.

Likewise, GEICO announced through notifications on its vendor online services that it is transitioning to CCC’s Estimate Share for submission of supplements. The insurer was unable to provide comment on the change in time for publication, said Repairer Driven News.

Repairer Driven News reached out to CCC Intelligent Solutions, which explained that the Open Shop solution enables insurance carriers to electronically send repair assignments to repair shops outside of the DRP network, while repair shops can use Open Shop to accept assignments, create estimates, and upload them to carriers.

“For repairers, Open Shop assignments are received and processed like a DRP assignment and are clearly identified in the CCC ONE message center, making it simple to differentiate them from DRP assignments,” said CCC director of public relations Michelle Hellyar. “The idea for Open Shop is to enhance collaboration between repairers and insurance carriers and helps improve the ability for each to better serve their mutual consumer.”

Hellyar added that Estimate Share “takes repairer-written and locked supplements and automatically transmits them via CCC ONE to the carrier for processing.”

“The process of submitting a supplement can be manual and time-consuming, requiring re-keying of information and a lot of back and forth between the shop and carrier,” the company representative said.


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