Auto insurers score high on customer service – report

We reveal who scored highly – and not so highly – in the survey

Auto insurers score high on customer service – report

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By Ryan Smith

Filing an auto insurance claim is never fun; that’s why customer service during the claims process can be a big factor when customers decide which insurer to go with. The good news for the insurance industry is that most automobile insurers are doing a good job keeping customers happy.

According to new data from Consumer Reports, 91% of people who made an auto insurance claim over the last three years have been highly satisfied with their service. Consumer Reports based that determination on a survey of the experiences of 23,000 subscribers.

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Three companies – Amica, USAA and NJM – had exceptionally high consumer ratings.

“This trio earned overall scores that were significantly better than the others, in general because of prompt responses and attentiveness to claims,” Consumer Reports said. Amica, USAA and NJM have been “consistent top performers” in similar surveys since 1992.

Eleven other companies earned customer ratings of 90 or higher, according to Consumer Reports.

Of course, customer service isn’t the only factor consumers consider. Only 53% of those surveyed by Consumer Reports were “completely or very satisfied” with their annual premiums – unsurprising since average car insurance prices have jumped 8.2% over the last year.


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