Berkshire Hathaway Specialty launches ad campaign spotlighting claims

The campaign stresses that claims service and results are most important to the customer

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty launches ad campaign spotlighting claims

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By Ryan Smith

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI) has announced a new print and digital media advertising campaign focused on the theme, “Claims is our product.” The campaign is meant to stress that while a policy is considered a traditional insurance product, the claims service and results that insurance deliver are paramount.

“The true value of any insurance policy lies in what happens when there is a claim,” said Peter Eastwood, president and CEO of BHSI. “Customers need an insurer that will protect them as they expect them to – or will exceed their expectations – at the time of a claim. Our underwriting and claims teams are tightly integrated, and every interaction with each other and with our customers is designed to ensure that we deliver the best possible claims product.”

The new advertising campaign spotlights elements that make BHSI’s products valuable to customers, including:

  • An experienced global claims team, a large, stable balance sheet, and a commitment that customers can depend on, even with the most complex claims.
  • Claims professionals who collaborate with customers even prior to the issuance of a policy, level-setting on coverage intent, working to mitigate potential claims and creating customized claims plans.
  • Underwriters and claims professionals who work as a team to ensure the intent of coverage and the preferred claims approach are clear and executed accordingly.

“With BHSI, policyholders can be confident that their insurer is willing and able to pay claims – and that we have the experience to affect outcomes in meaningful ways for customers,” said Dave Crowe, head of global claims for BHSI. “Our global claims team takes great pride in the product we deliver, working side by side with customers from policy issuance through claims resolution.”


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