Californians poised for El Nino with 28,000 new flood policies

Insurance agents braced for extra work as Californians consider oncoming flood risks

Insurance News

By Lyle Adriano

On Jan. 6, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced that the number of National Flood Insurance Program policies in California increased by over 28,000 in November 2015. It is believed the rise was due to mounting fears of severe flooding exacerbated by the effects of the El Nino season.

“The major increase in flood policies show Californians are taking the threat seriously and taking powerful steps to protect their families and property,” said Robert Fenton, FEMA Region 9 administrator.

Numerous areas in California are at great risk of flooding due to wildfires and drought. Wildfires leave behind charred earth, and drought-stricken soil is hard like rock - both surfaces are unable to properly absorb rainwater, so the storm runoff can easily develop into a flood if left unchecked.

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