DA tells consumers: Don’t buy insurance from a phone call — speak to a broker

The elderly are warned against scammers who sell bogus policies over the phone

DA tells consumers: Don’t buy insurance from a phone call — speak to a broker

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By Allie Sanchez

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, California’s District Attorney wants the state’s senior citizens to know.

The DA warned elderly clients against fraudsters who prey on them with promises of dirt-cheap premiums and coverage despite a DUI on their record or other problematic claims from the past. Such a “too good to be true” offer could prove to be an insurance scam.

Local publication Pasadena Now said in a report that the scam usually involves bogus agents distributing fliers that promise cheap rates featuring a phone number through which they make their sales pitches.

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Once a senior citizen takes the bait, they are asked to pay insurance premiums for a nonexistent policy, which often becomes apparent when they get involved in an accident, the report said.

To make sure that such transactions are above board, the DA suggested that potential buyers get verifiable details, such as the complete name of the phone agent, as well as their insurance license number. They can then cross check these details at the California Department of Insurance website.

It would also be prudent to ask the phone agent which insurance company will cover the policy, and buyers can call the company directly to verify if a policy was indeed taken out for them.

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