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Obama signs executive order to tackle flood risk… World Bank urges insurers to build pandemic insurance policy… US military seeks feedback from civilians on hacking… 50 shades of cyber risk…

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Obama signs executive order to tackle flood risk
A new executive order from President Obama requires careful planning of all infrastructure development paid for with US federal funds. The Federal Flood Risk Management Standard recognizes that climate change will increase the risk of floods and requires that roads, buildings and other projects are built in areas with lower risk of flooding. There will be additional safeguards for buildings such as hospitals and evacuation centers.
World Bank urges insurers to build pandemic insurance policy
The president of the World Bank has called for a united approach to tackle the growing threat of pandemics. The Ebola crisis has put the topic firmly on the agenda of emerging and growing risks and Jim Yong Kim says governments, corporations, aid agencies and insurers need to work together to prepare for outbreaks of disease. Speaking in Washington he said that countries that improve their health systems and create better strategies to tackle pandemic risk would pay lower premiums for a newly created insurance structure.
US military seeks feedback from civilians on hacking
The US Army Research Laboratory has released a piece of computer code to the online tech community in a bid to better understand the threat of cyber attacks. The Army says that there is little difference between the type of attack that would be used against its systems and those of businesses and is welcoming feedback from the civilian world. So far more than 2000 visitors have seen the post and the Army is planning to increase its use of similar channels to create better engagement between military and the private sector to boost a unified approach to cyber risk.
50 shades of cyber risk
A cyber security expert is warning of the risk of internet-connected adult toys. The items known as ‘Cyberdildonics’ allow long-distance lovers to take connecting online to a new level but Joe Bursell of Pen Test Partners warns that there is a huge security risk. The firm says it has tested a range of the products and found that there is no apparent encryption for online registration, making users’ login data vulnerable. It also warns that hackers could take control of devices remotely. Read the full story.

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