Far Out Friday: From lap dancing clubs to travel insurance

Infamous British nightclub manager Peter Stringfellow has traded in lap dances for marketing campaigns centered on travel insurance for older people

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Infamous British nightclub manager Peter Stringfellow is more concerned with hip replacements than lap dances these days since deciding to highlight the problems older people have getting travel insurance cover in a TV campaign.

Stringfellow became a household name in the UK during the 80s when celebrities would line up to party at his clubs Stringfellow’s and the Hippodrome.

In the 90s he introduced table-side dancing three nights a week and was the first club owner to gain a fully nude licence for his Angels in Wardour Street club in Soho.

Now 75 and suffering from lung cancer, the ageing reveller is fronting travel insurance Avanti’s latest $4.09 million advertising campaign after becoming annoyed at the huge ramping up in the cost of his travel insurance.

Many insurers refuse cover or penalise holidaymakers by doubling premiums when they reach 75, more if they have a pre-existing medical condition, the Daily Mail reports.

But Stringfellow maintains the antics of his younger self were far more dangerous than anything he’d attempt now.

“It is a disgrace many insurance companies treat older customers like liabilities when they usually look after themselves far better than those who are much younger,” he said.

In the past he said he had fallen off a motorbike and badly broken his leg and another time dislocated a shoulder while climbing up a staircase.

“Nowadays an occasional glass of white wine is my biggest vice.”

The humorous ad plays on his raunchy past with a bit of striptease thrown into the mix – not quite the sort featured at his clubs, however his new viewers will no doubt ‘lap it up’.


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