Far Out Friday: Gerber now sells life insurance… for babies

The iconic baby food company is now advertising the Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan – life insurance for children

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By Lyle Adriano

Gerber, of jarred baby food fame, is actively promoting its Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan—a life insurance plan for infants. While it might appear useful to some, the insurance plan is more marketing ploy than reliable security.

The company has been accepting applications for the curious insurance plan for almost 45 years, requiring no medical exams from infants. Parents only need to answer a series of questions in order to get their children qualified.

According to details on the Grow-Up Plan website, it would only cost parents approximately $7.22 a month to insure their 3-year-old child through the program (pricing based on New York location; actual cost differs per state).

The plan is being touted as an inexpensive life insurance scheme that lasts until the child reaches 21. Parents of enrollees would serve as policyholders until their children hit 21, during which the policy transfers over to the children. Notably, coverage doubles when the child hits 18 years old, and the child has the option to increase coverage to a standard adult rate once the policy is theirs at 21 years old and above.

While Gerber’s infant insurance plan sounds useful in the long run, the company should probably just stick to making baby food—there are far better options, and children typically do not need insurance as they are not earning income in any way (which insurance covers for), unless they are child actors.

Moreover, individuals in their early 20s are perfectly capable of signing up for their own life insurance, and many insurance companies offer life insurance without requiring initial medical exams.

Despite the shortcomings of its life insurance plan, Gerber’s baby food remains edible, if anything.

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