Florida man fakes crash, doesn't count on dashcam

When you're trying to defraud an insurance company by forcing a car crash, make sure your target isn't recording

Florida man fakes crash, doesn't count on dashcam

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By Ryan Smith

If you’re determined to get into a car accident so you can commit insurance fraud, maybe pick a target that’s not recording you.

That’s advice a Florida man could have used earlier, investigators say. Mauril Aldophe, 65, was arrested on Friday in connection with an alleged plot to force a tow truck to rear-end him. Unfortunately for Aldophe, that tow truck came equipped with a dashcam.

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Investigators say that Aldophe staged a crash in December, blamed the other driver, and filed an insurance claim, according to a Sun-Sentinel report. According to arrest records, Aldophe was driving through Boca Raton, Fla., on December 02, while tow-truck driver Jared Stante drove behind him. Aldophe suddenly stopped for no apparent reason, investigators said.

Stante’s reflexes proved too quick for Aldophe’s purposes – the truck driver managed to stop in time – so Aldophe allegedly drove forward several more feet, then kicked his car into reverse and slammed into the tow truck.

Aldophe initially told police that the truck hit him from behind when he was forced to make a sudden stop, the Sun-Sentinel reported. Three days after the “accident,” he went to a medical clinic and claimed that the truck had hit him as he was stopped at a red light. He also signed a form to make a personal injury claim.

What Aldophe didn’t count on, authorities, said, was the dashcam in Stante’s tow truck. Investigators said that footage from the camera clearly showed Aldophe’s car stopping for no reason, then driving forward, stopping again, and then backing into Stante’s tow truck.

Aldophe is now facing charges of insurance fraud and participating in an intentional crash, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

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