Fortune releases a list of best places to work in insurance

The insurers that made the list were rated highly for their fair treatment of their employees

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By Lyle Adriano

Fortune recently unveiled its list of the 30 best workplaces in the finance and insurance industries, revealing that a fair number of the nation’s top insurers made it to the list.

The list was constructed based on data from a poll Fortune’s Great Places to Work recognition program conducted, surveying 41,000 employees in the financial services and insurance industry.

“Employees answered questions about how frequently they experience the behaviors that create a great workplace, which include management’s honesty and ethics, camaraderie among employees, and fair and respectful treatment and clear expectations from management,” the business magazine comapny stated, describing its methodology for the survey.

Of the insurers that made the rankings, ACUITY Insurance placed the highest at 3rd.

One ACUITY employee told Fortune that upper management diligently notifies the entire company of their current situation and what direction the entire company must take. The employee also said that ACUITY celebrates all accomplishments, whether big or small, and rewards workers well—making them feel like they are a part of something big.

National Mortgage Insurance is the next highest-placing insurer on the list, at 15th place.

“National MI is an innovative and modern company in a more old fashioned industry. It’s exciting to be a part of a game changing organization and being a part of the process as we continue to mature as a company,” a National MI employee told Fortune.

At 20th place is PURE Insurance, the third highest ranking insurer.

According to an employee, PURE’s management is heavily invested in its workers—so invested, that an employee’s direct manager all the way up to the CEO knows who he or she is, and constantly checks in with him or her. The work environment, the employee interviewed said, is such that you could talk to anyone regardless of position and “feel like you have a voice.”

Other insurers that made the list include: SECURA Insurance (21st), West Bend Mutual Insurance (22nd), On Deck Capital (23rd), Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (24th), American Fidelity (29th), and Hausmann-Johnson Insurance (30th).

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