Hingham cop tried for insurance fraud

Sergeant was indicted by a grand jury following allegedly false claims of injury

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By Allie Sanchez

An insurance fraud trial of a police sergeant is finally under way almost a year after he was indicted by a grand jury. 

Sgt. Kris Phillips, 53 is charged at Plymouth County Superior Court with making false insurance claims after allegedly faking an injury at a Hingham Shipyard development while on-duty.

According to a report by WickedLocal Hingham, Phillips was said to have told fellow officers and the police department’s insurer that a driver backed her car into him as he stood behind her vehicle. A witness for the prosecution alleges that Phillips only pretended to be knocked to the ground by the car.

Phillips was suspended without pay from duty in early January, after his December 2015 indictment. Before the ruling, he was drawing about $2,000 a week, while a town insurance carrier covered his medical treatment.

In his recent trial, Phillips faces four charges: perjury, intimidation of a witness by misleading a police officer, and two counts of filing a false insurance claim.

Judge Gary Nickerson was reported to have told the jury on Monday that the trial could extend over three days.


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