How bad is your state for hail?

How bad is your state for hail?

How bad is your state for hail? New data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau has listed hail as a top culprit for damaging motor vehicles.

The last three years saw hail put a dent in almost 800,000 cars, with 2016 seeing the most damage with 300,000.

In addition, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration said in a report that hail causes $1 billion in damage to property every year. Furthermore, data from insurance firm Progressive said that in 2015, nearly 60% of the severe weather insurance claims it received were due to hail.

Texas is also the last place you would want to be driving in in case of a hailstorm as 28% of personal auto claims came from the state in the 2014 to 2016 period, according to the NICB. Colorado comes a far second with 10%, followed by Nebraska with 6%, Missouri at 6% and Illinois and Kansas with 5% apiece. 

The worst months for hail damage also come in from March to July, the government said.

To prevent car damage during these foul weather events, Progressive advised that you park your vehicle in covered areas, such as mall parking, to protect your vehicle from hail.

If covered parking is not an option, cover your car with blankets or specially made car covers, and make sure to secure the cover to prevent winds from blowing them away.

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