How I grew my book by 67% last year

Everyday, he educates clients on why a lizard that claims to save you 15% isn’t the smartest – and it’s paying off big time

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Most insurance producers who have managed to accumulate a book of business worth more than $1 million have two or three decades in the industry under their belts by the time they hit that benchmark. Not Jonathan Schreter.

The Bolton Co. producer successfully grew his book of business 67% last year to total $1.1 million, all with just 12 years of experience as an insurance professional. His impressive story has landed him a spot on Insurance Business America’s annual list of Top Producers, which will be published in print next month.

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IBA caught up this week with Schreter, who shared some of his top tips in becoming a Top Producer: become a true insurance educator, develop dynamic new niches, and leverage personal and professional relationships – though without being too heavy-handed.

Schreter knows the value of his first piece of advice well himself. Originally educated in marketing and advertising, he learned more about the insurance industry while working with Hoffman Brown Company in Southern California, and he understands how many people view the concept of insurance.

“We do a terrible job of educating people. I feel like I fight a daily battle against a little lizard that promises you can save 15% on insurance in 15 minutes, and even the smartest CFOs go in for that message,” Schreter said. “So we can’t just go in there trying to sell a policy – we need to explain the concept of transferring risk and what you exchange for that premium cost.

“If you reframe how a buyer thinks about insurance, that can be a very valuable insurance conversation.”

And as for finding those clients? Schreter has developed two reliable niches in his time with Bolton, working extensively with technology companies and charter schools. Leaning on his natural interest in dynamic tech-based companies and education, Bolton has attended industry trade shows and made inroads with clients that have turned out to be very loyal.

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Schreter has also made use of his position as president of the UCLA Anderson Alumni Association to expand his network. However, he advises producers not to be too blatant in their conversations with other professionals.

“I’m careful not to talk about insurance too much,” he said. “I focus on giving back to the school and in time, people will learn what I do for a living and I’ll be a recognizable figure at events. That gives me great visibility and access.”

And being one of the country’s top producers definitely has its advantages. With the improving economy, Schreter’s business is growing and he is now in a position to pick and choose the clients with whom he wants to work.

That’s something he recommends to his fellow producers.

“Slow down, and pick the battles you think will help you grow,” he said. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Insurance Business America is still accepting entries for our 2016 Top Producer list. To be included alongside Schreter, please complete this quick nomination form by January 29.

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