IBA Southeast: Insurance steps in to pay for Chris Bosh’s salary

Miami power forward still on payroll despite lingering illness

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By Allie Sanchez

After he missed 41 games for medical reasons, Miami Heat will claim insurance relief to pay for the remainder of Chris Bosh’s salary, a report by the Sun Sentinel said.

Quoting team manager Andy Elisburg, the report said that team management will claim insurance to pay Bosh’s salary. Bosh has been benched for half of the second season after failing the physical due to blood clots.

Elisburg said despite the circumstances, Bosh remains an employee of the team and will continue to receive payment in spite of his protracted absence on the court.

“You’re still responsible for paying the salary…But you now have the opportunity to make an insurance claim, and it’s a per game basis,” Elisburg was quoted as saying by the Sun Sentinel.

The Heat is now allowed to apply for exclusion against the NBA salary cap on February 9, the anniversary of Bosh’s last game played.

Bosh has already received $9.5 million of his $14 million 2016-2017 salary. He will continue to get paid in previous form, even as the Heat claims insurance to pay his compensation.


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