Insurance Business Award winner garners industry clout

“I think our industry needs to be recognized, that there is excellence in what we do.”

Insurance Business Award winner garners industry clout

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By Sam Boyer

Receiving recognition for excellence in the insurance industry has wider implications than just the accolade, says one award winner.

Beyond the prize itself, being publically recognized among industry peers opens doors and also serves as a guiding light for younger brokers, says Shawn Graydon, business development manager and senior account manager at Rempel Insurance Brokers in Morris, Manitoba, in Canada.

Graydon, who won Broker of the Year at the Insurance Business Canada Awards in November, said he was “honored, shocked, and humbled” to have been recognized by his peers.

“It’s given me credibility within the industry – it says [to people] that this guy does well in the industry. And my insurers and partners now recognize that and say, wow, you’re the cream of the crop,” Graydon said.

“It’s given me more of a channel to network further abroad, outside of what I could have done before. It’s like anything, when someone is in that position [of having won an award], people want to attract your attention – they think: maybe we want to get to know that guy, maybe he’s got something we want to connect with.

“I always want to strive to be better each day and an award scenario, well, that gives that [effort] a little bit of recognition. It says: hey, it’s not just the people that you work with, your staff and your employees; you’re recognized throughout a broader audience. And I think that’s important.”

Graydon said the award has the added bonus of introducing an icon for young brokers to strive towards.

“I think our industry needs to be recognized, that there is excellence in what we do,” he explained. “And I think it’s important for our next generation to understand that there is something to strive to want to be – and not to be mediocre.

“I mentor people. And for the younger people, I [can now] say: this could be your story if you really want it to be. This isn’t just for me – I really share this award with everybody who could be me, or who will be even more than me.”

Following on from Insurance Business Canada’s highly successful awards, Insurance Business America is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Insurance Business Awards in Chicago. For a full list of individual and organizational award categories, click here and find out how to become a winner this October!

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