Insurers and consumers partner for insurance education

Concerned groups cite the need for insurance education for better purchase decisions

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By Allie Sanchez

To address the continued confusion common among consumers in relation to their coverage, an industry group representing health insurers partnered with a national consumers’ group to launch an educational resource to improve the public’s understanding of health insurance. is the new website jointly developed by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and the National Consumers’ League (NCL). It aims to mainly educate individuals purchasing health insurance.

Further, the site hopes to be the go-to resource for the public as open enrollment in the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges starts on November 1.

Citing industry estimates, the two groups say that 42% of American adults do not have a clear grasp of their policy and coverage.

“Health insurance can be frustrating when you don’t have the right information to make the best decision for yourself or your family,” AHIP president and chief executive Marilyn Tavenner stated. “That’s why we want to help inform, educate, and engage consumers to make sure they have the information and tools at their fingertips to make the best decisions about their healthcare.”

“Consumers today are more engaged in healthcare decision-making than ever before — a trend that is predicted to grow for the foreseeable future.”  NCL executive director Sally Greenberg added. “ aims to provide consumers with easy-to-access, straightforward information to determine the health insurance coverage that is right for them and how to best use it to meet their personal health needs.”

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