Loadsure launches new cargo coverage

Loadsure launches new cargo coverage | Insurance Business America

Loadsure launches new cargo coverage

Loadsure, an insurtech managing general agent, has announced the launch of a new smart annual cargo product, Cargo Plus.

The new offering is an annualized ocean cargo product that combines the financial convenience of a pay-as-you-go policy with the assurance provided by annualized cover, Loadsure said. Cargo Plus will be offered globally and include all-risk coverage for goods and merchandise in transit, with limits of up to $10 million for international and $5 million for US domestic conveyance.

There will be no minimum premium required for Cargo Plus, Loadsure said. It will also offer a pathway to integration for adjustable premiums with no reporting necessary, as well as flexible payment terms.

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“The freight industry is changing fast and needs insurance to match that development,” said Johnny McLeod, CEO of Loadsure. “Leveraging our AI-powered dynamic rating model, the launch of Cargo Plus is a significant milestone in the development of Loadsure’s offering. We’re delighted we can offer this state-of-the-art cover that will also power our assureds – whether manufacturers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers or others – to better understand their risk exposure while providing visibility into business performance.”