Michael B. Jordan plays 'Jake' from State Farm in new SNL skit

Two other American insurers also make cameos

Michael B. Jordan plays 'Jake' from State Farm in new SNL skit

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By Mary Or

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” says Michael B. Jordan in a new SNL sketch where he plays ‘Jake from State Farm’ in what first appears to be an insurance ad. After teaching a married couple how to “file a claim in seconds” through the State Farm mobile app, however, the actor then proceeds to have dinner with the mom and her kids, take them to church, host the family’s dinner parties, and hijack their closet with rows of State Farm’s trademark red polo.

“He is not a good neighbor,” a left-out husband played by Mikey Day yells at his wife (Heidi Gardner) after secretly looking into Geico’s rates in the dead of night only to have Jordan quote State Farm’s rate match feature at him.

“Save even more when you bundle home and auto (insurance),” Jordan whispers back.

The sketch ends when Day, at his limit and drunkenly singing, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there – and here and in my bed with my wife!”, begins to get ready to jump over a bridge. He is then stopped by Liberty Mutual Insurance cops as the Liberty Mutual Insurance jingle plays in the background.

“You don’t have to do this, buddy – Limu and I can help,” say the Liberty Mutual Insurance’s commercial ad mascots Limu Emu and Doug as they step out of the police car in their signature yellow Liberty Mutual uniforms. The latter mascot, who in real life is played by David Hoffman, was played by SNL’s Andrew Dismukes.

The State Farm sketch aired during Jordan’s hosting debut for Saturday Night Live earlier this week. NBC’s program tweeted a video of the entire sketch with the caption, “Like a good neighbor… Jake from State Farm is there”.

The real Jake from State Farm – Kevin Miles – reposted SNL’s sketch on his dedicated Twitter account with the quip, “Michael B. Jake from State Farm… and State Farm do B. There”.

State Farm, a top vehicle insurer from Bloomington, Illinois, likewise responded positively to the sketch by retweeting the full video.

“Like a good neighbor, we know when to leave,” State Farm said. “You had us howling, Michael B. Jake from State Farm and [SNL].”

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