NCOIL appoints committee leaders

Committee heads are "committed to advancing NCOIL's national reach," president says

NCOIL appoints committee leaders

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By Ryan Smith

The National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) has announced its lineup of committee chairs and vice chairs for 2023.

“I am looking forward to working with such an outstanding group of bipartisan legislative leaders from all across the country, who are all committed to advancing NCOIL’s national reach and influence in creating sound insurance public policy,” said Arkansas state Rep. Deborah Ferguson, president of NCOIL. “Each legislator has carved out their role and importance to NCOIL as they all have significant knowledge and expertise in the insurance and financial services arenas that will serve them well in leading their committees.”

The NCOIL committee chairs and vice chairs are:

  • Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws
    • Chair: Sen. Walter Michel, Mississippi
    • Vice chair: Rep. Kevin Coleman, Michigan
  • Audit Committee
    • Chair: Rep. Tom Oliverson, Texas
    • Vice chair: Sen. Neil Breslin, New York
  • Budget Committee
    • Chair: Assemblywoman Pam Hunter, New York
    • Vice chair: Sen. Travis Holdman, Indiana
  • Financial Services & Multi-Lines Issues
    • Chair: Rep. Forrest Bennett, Oklahoma
    • Vice chair: Rep. Tammy Nuccio, Connecticut
  • Health Insurance & Long-Term Care Issues
    • Chair: Del. Steve Westfall, West Virginia
    • Vice chair: Rep. Rachel Roberts, Kentucky
  • Nominating Committee
    • Chair: Sen. Travis Holdman, Indiana
    • Vice chair: Rep. Matt Lehman, Indiana
  • Joint State-Federal Relations & International Insurance Issues
    • Chair: Rep. Jim Dunnigan, Utah
    • Vice chair: Rep. Brenda Carter, Michigan
  • Life Insurance & Financial Planning
    • Chair: Rep. Carl Sanderson, South Carolina
    • Vice chair: Sen. Mary Felzkowski, Wisconsin
  • NCOIL-NAIC Dialogue
    • Co-chair: Rep. Deborah Ferguson, Arkansas
    • Co-chair: Rep. Tom Oliverson, Texas
  • Property & Casualty Insurance
    • Chair: Rep. Edmond Jordan, Louisiana
    • Vice chair: Sen. Vickie Sawyer, North Carolina
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
    • Chair: Sen. Bob Hackett, Ohio
    • Vice chair: Rep. Hank Zuber, Mississippi
  • Chairman at Large
    • Sen. Jerry Klein, North Dakota

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“In 2023, NCOIL will continue to work tirelessly to advance model legislation that protects consumers and preserves the proven state-based system of insurance regulation,” said NCOIL CEO Tom Considine. “It is important to remember that the strongest consumer protection is a solvent company at the time of a claim, so legislators must always keep insurer solvency in mind. This group of chairs and vice chairs that Rep. Ferguson has selected reflects NCOIL’s commitment to these goals and will certainly contribute to the positive growth and momentum NCOIL has experienced the past several years.”

Ferguson was named president for 2023 at NCOIL’s 2022 Annual Meeting in November. At the same meeting, the organization adopted model insurance laws for food delivery services and how dog breeds can factor into homeowners and rental insurance underwriting. The organization will hold its 2023 Spring Meeting March 9-12 in San Diego.

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