Oklahoma insurance commissioner urges tornado-affected consumers to be wary

A state insurance commissioner warns homeowners of shady contractors following catastrophes that troubled the region this month

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By Lyle Adriano

Oklahoma insurance commissioner John Doak advised policyholders in the state to be careful following tornadoes and other similar catastrophes to avoid becoming victims twice over.

The commissioner issued the advisory as he toured Garvin County on Tuesday, after a tornado had just struck the region the day before.

“We want to make sure consumers don’t get taken advantage of again. They need to document the damage, keep the receipts,” Doak said.

Doak said that even customers who have an advance on an insurance claim should document costs and apply it to the deductible.

The commissioner warned policyholders of fly-by-night contractors that often pop up after storms and other natural catastrophes. He recommended that homeowners stick to local and trustworthy contractors, to avoid being swindled.

“If these contractors live in your area, they’re going to be less likely to take advantage of you,” Doak reasoned.

During his tour, Doak observed that while some homeowners had insurance, others did not.

The insurance commissioner was accompanied by American Drones operator Darren Hensley. The company used its drone technology to help Doak assess the damage from above, reported KOCO.com.

“A lot of insurance companies are using drones so they don’t get in the way of emergency management [workers],” Doak remarked regarding the drones.

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