Oklahoma scammers pretend to be from insurance companies

Con men pretend to be from insurers – clients should take care

Oklahoma scammers pretend to be from insurance companies

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By Allie Sanchez

Insurance officials in Oklahoma are warning residents against scammers who are posing as representatives of well-known insurance companies offering to inspect their roofs.

According to the Oklahoma Insurance Department’s Anti-Fraud Division, reports of the scam have surfaced from Elk City and Perkins.

NewsChannel4 reports that these scammers call storm victims, claiming they are insurance representatives. Authorities say these callers can be very persuasive and refuse to take no for an answer.

“These con artists are the lowest of the low,” said Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak in a statement.

He continued, “They prey on disaster victims at a time when they’re emotionally vulnerable, stressed out and dealing with an unfamiliar situation. By giving consumers a heads up, we hope they can better protect themselves.”

The scammers also go door to door and offer goods and services.

Officials have yet to receive reports of storm victims losing money to these scammers.

Authorities also reminded residents to always ask for references and verifiable information, such as license numbers and driver’s licenses in dealing with contractors. They were also advised to not sign any contracts with blanks, and to contact the Oklahoma Insurance Department over any concerns or suspicions of fraud.

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