Progressive Insurance touts “April Fools Day insurance”

Not sure what to do for April Fools Day? Not to worry – Flo’s got your back

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Not sure how to make the most out of today’s celebration of mischief and harmless pranking? Not to worry – Progressive Insurance has got your back.

The company is touting “April Fools Insurance” as a way to help “prank-less people create the most share-worthy prank.”

It’s not an actual policy, of course, but a kind of prank generator that allows to least creative among us to participate in the traditions associated with the first day in April. Those interested can go to, pick a category of news that you want to be featured in, and choose to either upload a photo or connect your Facebook information to the article.

After clicking “create your story,” the user has access to a unique article that will appear as an established and credible publication. The photo accompanying it is inserted into the mock news story, and users can share it to their Facebook page in order to fool their friends.

“We flipped April Fools on its head this year,” said Bruce Perlman, director of integrated marketing for the insurance giant. “We’re playing along with consumers by empowering them with a little bit of April Fools Insurance.

“But we’re hoping to give people more than a friendly prank; we want to give them a particular feeling. We all know the feeling. It’s that feeling you get when you’re about to send a funny text or post or something great on social media.

“When people hit that share button on Name Your Prank, they’ll feel like they nailed it.”

Progressive will use a small paid promotion on targeted digital and social platform to advertise the service to users.

Have any good April Fools Day pranks planned? Tell us in the comments section below!

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