Software tech provider expands agent-focused online offerings

An insurance marketing and sales provider has boosted its tools to help independent agents take tech by the horns.

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Independent insurance agencies are at a crossroads. While many experienced producers have the industry know-how, they find new insurance technology either puzzling or unimportant. Greener producers are tech-savvy, but lack the inside expertise to really grow their business.

With both demographics in mind, marketing and sales tech provider Astonish has revamped its website, expanded offerings and added to its internal team of executives.

“Over the last six months, we’ve noticed a continued push towards reaching out to the online customer and marketing your services as a local agency in a way that is effective and efficient,” said Chad Troutman, director of marketing for Astonish. “One of our underlying values is making sure we secure the longevity of the insurance industry, so we’ve changed our website and user interface to address that.”

The five-year-old company now provides both sales, in-bound marketing and coaching products, as well as data-supported explanations of how they can help agency owners improve business. Astonish has also expanded its on-demand resource and blogging sections, which cover industry best practices leveraging both internal and outside experts.

This way, Troutman says Astonish caters toward both the technologically capable young producer and the more experienced “journeyman.”

“There’s something for everybody, whether they purchase from us or not,” Troutman said. “We want to give everybody the answer. We’re not shy about that.”

Astonish’s software allows users to peruse blogs, white papers, case studies and videos on everything from in-bound marketing to automation strategies, and even tailors content specifically to the reader based on their needs.

In the next few months, Astonish will add a Whiteboard video series highlighting “bite-size” sales tactics.
And it isn’t just the website undergoing a makeover. Astonish has hired three new executives, including former Vertafore CEO David Wroe, to oversee the company’s new technological efforts.

“This year, we’ve really gone in and focused hard on our technology. We’ve expanded our development team and brought over folks from all over the industry,” Troutman said. “I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re restructuring the whole thing, but it’s pretty close.”

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