Spot Insurance's new CEO drives expansion and diversity

"Our current market position is strong"

Spot Insurance's new CEO drives expansion and diversity

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By Mika Pangilinan

When Maria Goy (pictured) was first appointed CEO of Spot Insurance, she expressed pride in how far the company has come in its goal to provide affordable accidental injury coverage across the active lifestyle space.

“I truly believe that insurance should be accessible, and people should be protected financially doing the things that they love,” she said.  

Working toward this goal, Spot Insurance has established itself as a valuable partner to major outdoor and active brands, including Ikon Pass, USA Cycling, USA BMX, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and National Collegiate Rugby.

With Goy’s appointment, the company is now looking to expand into the travel and events market, providing customers with financial protection for non-refundable passes, events, registrations, and pre-paid tickets.

Discussing Spot’s plans for expansion, Goy shared some insights into the company’s current market position and future prospects, as well as the important role played by her predecessor and co-founder Matt Randall:

Now that you’re at the helm of Spot Insurance, what developments can we expect to see in the company’s strategic direction and focus?

We will continue to focus on the expansion of our B2B operations, specifically looking at how we support our outdoor and active communities by building products that meet their lifestyle needs. We’re expanding the distribution of Refund, launching Trip in June, and bringing Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) to our partners.

Can you provide insights on Spot Insurance’s current market position and its growth plans for the coming years?

Our current market position is strong. The demand for Spot continues to increase due to the rising cost of traditional insurance and our ability to meet the demands of our partners and how our customers live their lives. As we look towards the future, we’re focused on expanding our current portfolio of products, as well as developing new products that meet the needs of the active and outdoor community.

What role will Matt Randall play within Spot Insurance after stepping down as CEO? How will his continued involvement contribute to the company’s expansion?

We honestly don’t look at this transition as “Matt stepping down” but rather as Matt and I moving into new roles that benefit the future of Spot. Matt is incredibly excited to get back to what he loves most, which is working alongside our partners, closing large opportunities, and supporting the expansion of Spot into new verticals. Matt and I will continue to drive our vision forward as a team.

When Matt Randall commented on your appointment, he mentioned that you are one of the few female minority CEOs in the active outdoor industry. Could you elaborate on what this appointment means for you?

Both the active outdoor and the insurance industries are male-dominated. According to a study by the Outdoor Industry Association, only 35% of outdoor enthusiasts are women. This lack of representation is reflected in the leadership of the industry, with only a small percentage of CEOs of outdoor companies being women.

I want to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for women and minorities. It is a significant step towards addressing the gender imbalance; it sends a message that women and minorities are valued. Diverse teams are also better able to understand and meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

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