Steel City Re bags Hamilton business

Steel City Re bags Hamilton business

Steel City Re bags Hamilton business To cover its reputational risk needs, captive insurance management firm Hamilton Captive Management engaged the services of Steel City Re.

Steel City provides proprietary solutions for professional coverage against reputational risk, which enables the delivery of bespoke reputational risk underwriting services for its clientele.

The company has built up an armada of forms, procedures and 15 years of reputational risk actuarial data culled from almost 8,000 public companies across the globe.

A specific product is Reputation Assurance, which provides coverage against risk that could run up a tab worth millions of dollars, according to the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Hamilton is fully licensed in domestic and international jurisdictions. 

Steel City Re provides solutions that help enterprises optimize and protect the value of the professional reputations that reside in their organization.

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