The 5 most expensive dog breeds to insure

The 5 most expensive dog breeds to insure | Insurance Business America

The 5 most expensive dog breeds to insure
As the average cost of a trip to the vet continues to grow, so does the pet insurance industry. This is particularly true for dogs, which are injured at a much higher rate than cats or other animals.

But pet insurance policies were not created equal. If you have a client walk through the door looking to insure one of these five pooches, they could end up paying a pretty penny.

According to a report from ValuePenguin, the following five dogs are the most expensive in terms of arranging insurance coverage.

5. Irish Wolfhound
It’s about 41% more expensive to insure an Irish wolfhound than the average dog. An original status symbol, Irish wolfhounds were traditionally owned by nobility and chieftains in Ireland. However, large joints and frequent gastric disorders mean Irish wolfhounds will likely need to see a vet more frequently—and use more medication.

4. Caucasian Ovcharka
These dogs weigh between 99 and 200 pounds, and were originally raised to be bear hunters in the European Caucasus region. However, common health problems mean their pet insurance premiums can run up to 47% higher, according to ValuePenguin.

3. Bernese Mountain Dog
Originating from Switzerland, the Bernese mountain dog has heightened tolerance to the cold. That doesn’t stop it from being roughly 58% more expensive to insure than an average pup, however.

2. English Bulldog
While English bulldogs no longer carry the stigma of violence, they do tend to have more health problems. Insuring an English bulldog can cost the owner about 60% more than veterinary insurance for other dogs.

1. Great Dane
The dog most lauded for its size, the 100- to 120-pound Great Dane can cost a whopping 63% more to insure than the average dog. Great Danes frequently suffer from heart and hip problems, and because the amount of medication may depend on size, pet insurance for the Great Dane is invariably expensive.

Although these policies can be expensive, one talking point producers may use is the frequent injuries and health complaints these dog breeds can encounter. The premium may be higher, but it the policy itself is likely more necessary than others.

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