The clock is ticking on the next natural disaster

Natural disasters are on the rise – are your clients covered? Attend CAT Risk 2017

The clock is ticking on the next natural disaster

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On March 17, there was one at 10:49am. and then another at 1:41pm. These are not flight times, but rather timestamps of earthquakes reported near Isla Vista, California.

The California Earthquake Authority publishes daily a list of confirmed earthquakes across the state. The list populates much like a train schedule with up-to-the-minute records of seismic activity that grows more frequent each year.

The increase of earthquakes and the looming threat of the hypothetical Big One - an earthquake of 8 points or more magnitude so devastating it would rock Los Angeles to San Francisco - make preparedness, response and planning more critical than ever. 

As science looks for answers, carriers continue to report massive losses associated with events like earthquake, fire and flood. Looking to position their clients ahead of the risk, brokers turn to risk mitigation tools and insurance coverage innovators for solutions.

For the latest insight to earthquake risk, insurance and mitigation, join us in San Ramon for CAT Risk 2017. This July 12 masterclass unites key perspectives from groups like the California Earthquake Authority, Burns & Wilcox, Merlinos & Associates and the Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program, for discussions of trends in natural disaster coverage, how policies interact and exclude certain events and what brokers can do to prevent costly losses in this age of catastrophe.

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