Travelers wants out of Hogan lawsuit

It’s been a long and expensive trial – but there’s a second lawsuit going on, and Travelers wants no part of it

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The high profile Gawker v Hulk Hogan sex tape frenzy has made plenty of headlines with the $140 million lawsuit that resulted in the site being shut down last month. There is, however, a second lawsuit that’s ongoing – and St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, part of the Travelers Companies Group, want to ensure that they’re not on the receiving end of any new claims.
The latest Hogan suit accuses Gawker of leaking sealed court documents to The National Enquirer – documents that show Hogan making racist comments. Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) filed the new lawsuit after a Florida jury awarded him $140 million in damages after Gawker posted a story with snippets of a 2012 sex tape featuring the ex-wrestler. Following the leaking of the sealed documents, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) sacked the high profile star.
The problem for Travelers is that while Gawker is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company is protected from litigation – so the insurer can’t sue to ask a court to confirm that it doesn’t have to indemnify the once-might media outlet.
Travelers has approached a NY court to ask a judge to allow it to sue to get an order that it does not need to pay for Gawker’s latest defense, or for any subsequent damages payments.

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