Volvo's one-size-fits-all care package off to a rocky start

The subscription service also includes cover by Liberty Mutual

Volvo's one-size-fits-all care package off to a rocky start

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By Lyle Adriano

Volvo’s new car subscription service – announced late last year – has run into a number of obstacles.

Six months have passed since the automaker first announced “Care by Volvo,” and many people who have signed up for the car subscription service still don’t have their cars.

For $600 a month (or $700, for additional services), customers subscribed to the Care by Volvo service will not only get a brand-new Volvo XC40, but basic maintenance and even insurance for their new vehicle as well; Liberty Mutual has partnered with Volvo to provide insurance to subscribers.

However, some customers have complained they are still yet to receive their XC40.

“We ordered in early Feb and they gave us a delivery date of April 13, then April 26, and now nothing,” customer Cameron Balch told Jalopnik. “The cars are built and waiting to be delivered, but the holdup is apparently with the paperwork and contracts.”

Although Liberty Mutual reserves the right to reject a driver for the Care by Volvo program, that does not appear to be the case. Jalopnik reported that some of the cars are being indefinitely held at port due to paperwork.

“Some people’s orders have been delayed by two months (mine has been a month), and Volvo is not giving answers to consumers or giving us ETAs,” explained another customer, who wished to remain anonymous. “Our cars are being indefinitely held at a port in New Jersey because of ‘legality issues’ with the Care by Volvo subscription service.”

Volvo has since issued a statement, explaining it was still working to get cars to subscribers. The company also said it would support those subscribers in dire need of transportation.

“Care by Volvo has been very popular and Volvo Concierge is in constant 1-1 contact with each customer regarding their delivery program,” the automaker said in an email statement. “When we announced Care by Volvo in November we shared our goal of delivering the first cars in Spring 2018 and that goal remains. We are offering personal assistance to customers transitioning from a traditional lease to a subscription, including temporary transportation.”

The statement also maintained that the holdup has “nothing to do with Liberty Mutual”.



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