What's the key to insurance industry success?

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What's the key to insurance industry success?

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Want to know the secret to insurance industry success? You can’t go it alone. Speaking to Insurance Business, RT Specialty executive vice president Cynthia Seagrave (pictured) said that team development plays a pivotal role in both handling business volume and fostering innovation in insurance.

“I have a great team that supports me directly,” she said. “And then we’re all supported by a talented Ryan Specialty shared services team, in turn. We just have a great group of people. I couldn’t handle the volume of business that I have if I didn’t have somebody that can share the love.”

A core aspect of Seagrave’s leadership philosophy is her focus on education and development. She believes in the power of imparting knowledge both internally and externally through speaking at conferences, teaching continuing education classes, and directly engaging with retail agents and their clients.

“When I’m training people, I always try to ask, ‘What would you do?’” she said. “‘What do you think?’”

Creating a team of thinkers

Seagrave aims to cultivate a team of thinkers—individuals who are actively engaged in understanding and solving problems.

“I try to stimulate that thought process so they’re adding value to the equation, not just being a conduit to getting a quote.”

This collaborative approach is a characteristic Seagrave has carried with her throughout her career. After beginning in insurance somewhat by happenstance, she soon progressed to specializing in professional liability, including dental malpractice insurance. The growth in Seagrave’s career is matched only by her passion for the field, especially after diving into the complexities of insurance.

“My focus is on what we call ‘ProExec lines’—management, professional and cyber,” she shared with IB. “That includes everything from D&O, EPL, fiduciary, crime, cyber liability, and professional liability from licensed professionals and medical professionals down to miscellaneous consultants and so forth.”

And again, all this success is only possible with her team of comradery-driven superstars.

“It’s a very collaborative firm,” Seagrave said. “So, we help each other—it’s unbelievably fantastic. When you just reach out to the group and ask, ‘What do you think about this?’, the feedback you get is wonderful. People are very open to sharing their ideas and helping each other succeed.”

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