Woman convicted of insurance murder – for the second time

Defendant sought a re-trial following issues with a testimony

Woman convicted of insurance murder – for the second time

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By Allie Sanchez

A DeKalb County woman has been convicted twice for the same murder following her most recent trial under the bench of Judge Gail Flake in Georgia.

Pamela Ballin was found guilty of murdering her husband Derrick Ballin Sr. over the prospect of a $1.2 million life insurance payout.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution said in a report that Ballin was first convicted in 2014 under presiding judge Mark Anthony Scott who decided to release her from custody on the grounds that he was uncertain that she received a fair trial. She was arrested a month later.

Ballin was sentenced to life and appealed for a new trial after questioning a witness’s testimony. Ballin won her appeal and went back to court last week. The jury however, convicted her of murder again.

An investigation revealed that the male Ballin was attacked in his Turnbridge Wells Road home, after which his wife called 911 claiming burglars broke into the premises and bludgeoned her husband.

Responding police found her husband bloodied and barely conscious, sustaining almost a dozen wounds to his head from a statue that was found lying nearby.

The female Ballin claimed she was upstairs while the attack was taking place and hid in an upstairs bedroom listening to “unfamiliar voices downstairs.”

Police reported no sign of a break-in despite the house being in disarray, according to reports.

Georgia law dictates that the lowest possible penalty for murder is a life sentence. The court has yet to determine whether Ballin will be allowed to go on parole or not.

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