Fire-friendly conditions mean California will face wildfire

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Fire-friendly conditions mean California will face wildfire

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On June 01, the Predictive Services section of the National Interagency Fire Center, the NIFC, released its wildfire activity forecast for the 2017 season.  From June through to September seasonal fire risk peaks with warm temperatures and decreased rainfall during the summer, which will leave much of the west vulnerable to devastating bush and wildfires this year.  

According to the report, California and the western portion of the Great Basin are experiencing abundant grass growth, arid conditions and drought patterns that could prove to be fire-friendly in the coming months.  While the data suggests fire is likely, many homeowners and businesses may be unaware of the fire perils they are predicted to face—and may not be seeking adequate insurance protection from this rising threat.

According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, wildfires see hundreds of millions of dollars of losses claimed. As the map provided by the NIFC shows, risk areas overlap with heavily populated zones that could be impacted by fire activity. While the fires may begin in a non-developed terrain, they can quickly crawl down hillsides and into communities, leaving destruction and loss behind.

It can be a challenge to approach clients about adding or increasing coverage, especially where natural disasters are concerned. As risks for catastrophic events like fire continue to grow therefore, it becomes increasingly important brokers and agents arm themselves with the products and carrier partnerships necessary to best protect insureds from wildfire.

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