State Farm reveals the US states with the highest hurricane claims

Nine states in 2021 saw a total of $1.2 billion in hurricane claims

State Farm reveals the US states with the highest hurricane claims

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By Lyle Adriano

Looking back at last year’s hurricane season, State Farm has published a new report that lists the US states with the most hurricane claims filed in 2021.

The insurer noted that in 2021, it received about 119,000 claims related to hurricanes from the nine states that made its list. Altogether, the claims total approximately $1.2 billion, State Farm said. To prepare the list, claims related to three storms were used: Henri, Nicholas, and Ida.

The top US states for hurricane claims in 2021, according to State Farm, are:

Top States

Claims Paid


1. Louisiana

$866 million


2. New York

$135 million


3. New Jersey

$112 million     


4. Pennsylvania

$61 million


5. Maryland

$11 million


6. Mississippi

$10 million


7. Connecticut

$9 million


8. Texas

$6 million


9. Alabama

$4 million



State Farm also noted that one in every four hurricane claims it received in 2021 were auto claims. The insurer offered a reminder that auto insurance alone will not cover for storm damage to vehicles, so policyholders will need comprehensive coverage – a type of coverage that kicks in whenever a vehicle is damaged by something other than a collision or rolling over. Drivers were encouraged to speak with their insurance agents about comprehensive coverage.   

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