Zurich Resilience Solutions partners with weather intelligence platform

Zurich Resilience Solutions partners with weather intelligence platform | Insurance Business America

Zurich Resilience Solutions partners with weather intelligence platform

Zurich Resilience Solutions has partnered with Baron Weather, a provider of critical weather intelligence, in order to offer Baron Weather’s technology to Zurich clients throughout the US.

Baron Weather offers clients monitoring and advanced notification of weather-related threats, such as hail, wind and flash floods, that can put their inventory at risk.

Under the partnership, Zurich customers will be offered multi-seat access to Baron Threat Net, a web-based tool with a companion app that delivers current and forecasted weather information. Baron Threat Net delivers accurate, detailed weather information such as a storm’s time of arrival to specific areas.

“With our new relationship with Baron Weather, Zurich can provide our customers with technology that gives them greater insights into severe weather events headed their way that could impact their business,” said Patrick Clarke, head of risk engineering services at Zurich Resilience Solutions. “Baron Weather’s technology provides advanced notification and a deeper understanding of how the climate affects properties and enables its users to proactively protect people, equipment, materials and environment, while at the same time, prepare and deploy response resources more efficiently.”

“Zurich is offering Baron Threat Net because of our alerts and monitoring capabilities,” said Greg Thompson, Baron Weather director of business development – insurance. “This ensures Zurich can offer customers access to location-specific weather perils and the ability to set up customized alerts for the locations and conditions they want to monitor in real time.”

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Baron Threat Net’s capabilities include the ability to:

  • Generate actionable insights for better decision-making and weather clarity
  • Layer numerous data products and easily scale data integration
  • Access historical weather data to show how climate conditions impact a location over time