At-Bay launches new MDR cyber solution for SMBs

Firm estimates that more than half of cyber claims could have been mitigated with an effective MDR solution

At-Bay launches new MDR cyber solution for SMBs


By Kenneth Araullo

InsurSec solutions provider At-Bay has officially launched a new managed detection and response (MDR) cybersecurity solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

The At-Bay Stance Managed Detection and Response (At-Bay Stance MDR) is aimed at empowering emerging and mid-sized businesses to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and preparedness in the face of increasing cybercrime rates. According to claims data from the past two years, At-Bay estimates that more than 50% of its customers' cyber insurance claims could have been mitigated with an effective MDR solution.

Managed detection and response solutions have become essential for organizations of all sizes. However, small-to-medium-sized businesses often struggle to access affordable solutions. To address this challenge, At-Bay offers its customers an enterprise-grade software solution capable of monitoring their endpoints. This solution is managed and supervised by At-Bay's in-house security experts, bridging the critical technology, skills, and resource gap that hinders the security readiness of its customers and many other businesses in the United States.

“We know this new security solution will have a meaningful impact on the businesses in our portfolio,” At-Bay CEO and co-founder Rotem Iram said. “Security for small businesses is broken. A critical technology, skills, and resources gap exists that many companies can’t overcome. Our new MDR solution was built to change that. At-Bay Stance MDR will help to improve the cyber resilience and readiness of any business who uses it.”

At-Bay's MDR offering blends advanced technology with human analysis to detect and respond to cyber threats before they escalate. Some of its key features include:

  • By combining advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology with expert human analysis, At-Bay's MDR proactively detects and responds to cyber threats before they escalate
  • MDR services are fully customizable to meet the specific needs and risk profiles of its clients, regardless of whether they are growing businesses or large enterprises
  • Customers subscribing to top-performing MDR services like the one provided by At-Bay may be eligible for premium credits on cyber insurance premiums

At-Bay Stance Managed Detection and Response (MDR) will be available as an optional service starting in January 2024 through At-Bay's security affiliate.

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