Far Out Friday: New insurance policy for your, um, “nether regions”

Want coverage for your you-know-what? This Canadian underwear company is offering $50,000 policies in the event of castration.



Last week, Canada-based UNDZ—an underwear company in Montreal—began ramping up its product line with a special new offering for its male customers.

Men who buy three or more pairs of UNDZ brand underwear through the company website will receive a complimentary insurance policy worth $50,000, backed by Lloyd’s of London and payable in the event the purchaser’s penis becomes detached from his body.

“A man can get insurance for his car, dog, house, land and life but not for his penis? Well, I thought that was absurd,” said UNDZ founder Bernard Dore. “UNDZ is making it possible for men all over the world to protect their most important asset and we are excited to have the backing of one of the most prominent insurance companies in the world.”

According to an UNDZ spokeswoman, 16,000 men suffer an injury to their penis, or have it detached altogether each year.

“I got that from Google,” the spokeswoman told the Huffington Post.

For those looking to get rich quick, there are a few provisos that come with the insurance.

Sex-change operations and other cases where the appendage is removed surgically are not covered. Also, policyholders cannot enter into an agreement with a third party to try and collect.

“This is to prevent people from intentionally removing the penis,” said the spokeswoman.

Lloyd’s of London has insured penises before, most notably that of former Van Halen front man David lee Roth, who told reporters about the experience last March.

Other famous insured appendages include those belonging to Anderson Cooper, Conan O’Brien, Emeril Lagasse and Justin Bieber.

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