Relay revolutionizes cyber insurance quotes for brokers

Broker appointment delays now a thing of the past

Relay revolutionizes cyber insurance quotes for brokers



In a Press release, the multi-carrier platform Relay has announced its latest update to help wholesale brokers and retail agents scale their businesses by offering a quick and easy onboarding process. This allows brokers and agents to secure cyber quotes without appointment delays.

The company's new feature provides a quick and easy onboarding process that gets brokers from sign-up to receiving quotes from a selection of approved carriers in minutes, eliminating the need for prior broker appointments.

The traditional process of onboarding and subsequently quoting with carriers can take weeks, which can be a significant setback for those looking to quickly provide quotes to clients.

However, Relay's latest innovation helps agencies and brokerages get non-binding quotes within minutes from select carriers before securing an appointment. This feature is a game-changer, especially for brokers and agents in the competitive cyber Insurance space.

"Few things are more frustrating for a broker than waiting days, or even weeks, to be appointed by a carrier before they can secure quotes for their clients," said Jim Smith, VP of strategy & partnerships at Relay. "This new feature solves that pain point."

Relay's latest innovation provides a solution that streamlines business operations, helping wholesale brokers and retail agents scale their businesses.

By digitizing the quoting and placement platform, Relay is helping brokers and agents to manage and scale their book of cyber insurance more efficiently.

The platform offers a range of benefits, including access to multiple carriers, a user-friendly interface, and a quick and easy onboarding process.

Relay's purpose is to furnish brokers and agents with an electronic system for providing quotes and placing policies that make their business operations more efficient and allow them to increase the number of cyber insurance policies they sell.

The platform includes several advantages, such as access to various carriers, a user-friendly interface, and a rapid and effortless onboarding process.

The Relay platform provides brokers and agents with a sleek placement interface, data exports, NAICS code recommendations, dynamic quote comparison, and a management dashboard. Relay's well-established automated PDF proposals and API quotes continue to deliver efficiencies.

Additionally, Relay Tech E&O users have access to the Relay Risk Academy Education Portal, which equips brokers and agents with the tools and resources they need to increase business and protect customers efficiently.

The Relay platform's user-friendly interface and quick onboarding process are significant advantages for brokers and agents looking to expand their business.

The platform's seamless integration of multiple carriers and its automated features provide brokers with more time to focus on client needs while streamlining business operations.

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