Woodruff Sawyer’s cyber services platform goes live

Woodruff Sawyer’s cyber services platform goes live | Insurance Business America

Woodruff Sawyer’s cyber services platform goes live

Insurance brokerage Woodruff Sawyer has launched a comprehensive cyber insurance service to help its clients “develop a thorough and strategic view of their cyber risk.”

The company’s Cyber Services Network (CSN) brings together a team of best-in-class cyber security experts hand-picked by Woodruff Sawyer to work with clients in assessing their cyber exposure and developing a bespoke action plan to limit their exposure.

This proactive approach not only prepares organizations for a cyberattack, but also ensures Woodruff Sawyer’s clients purchase insurance that meets their unique needs, the brokerage said in a release.

Experts tapped to provide their expertise to CSN include FireEye, Cylance, KPMG, Kivu Consulting, and Security Scorecard. The network’s service suite includes risk assessments, penetration tests, incident response readiness services, tabletop exercises, due diligence on security posture, and more.

“While cyber insurance is a ‘must’ in today’s risk environment, we believe mitigating clients’ risk to cyber events before they occur is a critical and often-missed part of a comprehensive cyber risk strategy,” said Woodruff Sawyer CEO Andy Barrengos. “Our Cyber Services Network is designed to help clients improve their cyber security risk profile and overall network hygiene through customized tools including risk assessment, breach preparation, employee training, and network testing.”