Asking the right questions about environmental risk

Asking the right questions about environmental risk | Insurance Business America

Asking the right questions about environmental risk

A 26-year veteran of environmental insurance, Tanya Andolsen works closely with retail brokers to ensure they’re asking the right questions to address environmental risk for their clients. It’s that attention to detail that helped Andolsen earn recognition as one of IBA’s Top Specialist Brokers for 2022.

Andolsen started her career in 1996 at AIG Environmental as part of the company’s professional associate program. She then moved into an underwriting role, and ultimately became the Cleveland regional manager. After nine years at AIG, Andolsen moved to the brokerage side, working at Palmer & Cay, Wachovia and Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

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In 2015, Andolsen joined Armada Risk partners as senior vice president and director of environmental. Three years later, she was given an opportunity to play a pivotal role in the formation of a new venture. Andolsen now serves as president of Argosy Risk Specialists, a wholesale insurance brokerage.

“It’s important to me that agents and brokers value the guidance that Argosy Risk Specialists can offer as a trusted partner and resource when it comes to environmental risk,” she said. “Throughout my career, I’ve encountered too many companies that are uninsured or underinsured for potential environmental liabilities. In most cases, it’s because of inadequate counseling or direction from their current agent or broker, merely because the account team lacks the expertise or knowledge on how to even begin addressing the subject with their insureds.”

Andolsen said her goal is to fill that knowledge gap for agents and brokers that don’t have an environmental risk specialist. In addition, Argosy offers a basic course on environmental and risk insurance to educate brokers and agencies nationwide.

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